Universal Demons is a confession, a cry of our fears.

A response to our own discontent, making something beautiful out of what is hurting us.

We allow ourselves to encounter what is taboo, bringing out our hidden reality through the creation of irreverent realities.

Demons that act as an armor against our anxiety, in a world of confusion and mental exhaustion.

A reflection (reflexion) that dances between the grotesque and the absurd, typical of LAFAKE’s symbolic, ironic and unclassifiable imagery.

Universal Demons invites the viewer to enter in parallel worlds, to groan and accept his demons, in a society that does not remain silent.

LAFAKE flirts with vulgarity in his affection for Kitsch, selecting its weirdness, pursuing it, framing it, processing it, and titling it.


This serie of 18 photos has been shown in “Gallery Spectrum Zaragoza Spain” and “Gallery Casa de la Imagen Logroño Spain” in 2022 and 2023.

Soon in Berlin! Stay Tuned!

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