Universal Demons is a confession, a cry of our fears.

A response to our own discontent, turning our pain into something beautiful.

We allow ourselves to encounter the taboo, exploring our concealed sides through the creation of irreverent realities.

Demons that act as an armor against our anxiety in a world of confusion and mental exhaustion.

A reflection that dances between the grotesque and the absurd, a typical gesture of LAFAKE’s symbolic, ironic and unclassifiable imagery.

Universal Demons invites the viewer to indulge in parallel worlds, to groan and accept their demons in a society that does not remain silent.

LAFAKE flirts with vulgarity in its affection for Kitsch, selecting its weirdness, pursuing it, framing it, processing it, and titling it:


-Date: From 25th of January 2023 to the 05th of March 2023
Project:18 photos
-Music: Fata Kiefer *
Casa de la Imagen: Concepción Arenal,19 Zaragoza(Spain)
-Opening times:

From Monday to Friday
from 11:00 to 13:00 h
and from 16:30 to 20:30 h

-E-mail: galeria@spectrumsotos.es
-Web: www.spectrumsotos.es
-Phone: +34 976 359 473

*Music composed for Universal Demons in collaboration with Fata Kiefer, venezuelan Producer and Dj collected a series of exclusive material, ranging from Ambient to deconstructed Pop music.

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